Welcome to my Playground Page.
Here are some of my exciting freelance projects.
Have a look at the amazing small businesses I have worked with. 
Photography @daisyandvalentina
Logo design for Daisy & Valentina. 
Daisy & Valentina are a bespoke, handmade jewellery company. The business has a strong sustainability focus and has grown hugely in its first year, they were even featured in Vanity Fair. The logo design features hand-drawn flowers and a rustic typeface, this was to emphasise the trustworthiness of the company and their handmade approach to design.
Check out their website daisyandvalentina.com and instagram.
(Website design is not my work)

Photography @healthyhabits_official
Logo design for Healthy Habits.
Healthy Habits sells homemade granola, as well as sharing delicious food inspiration and recipes online.
Check out their website healthyhabitsofficial.uk and instagram.
(Website design is not my work)
Photography @kaibottle
Photography @kaibottle
Logo design for Kai.
Kai is a beautifully crafted and sustainable water bottle. 
Check our their website kaibottle.com and instagram.
  (Website design is not my work)

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