In support of the Women, Life, Freedom movement, myself and a group of MArch students initiated a campaign in The Street at Central Saint Martins in April 2023, engaging participants in a series of interactive events. 

Discursive Weaving.

Using the ancient craft as a way to weave discursive ideas and discussions around the Woman, Life, Freedom revolution and stories by diaspora that led to this moment of revolt.

Metaverse and Revolution.

This revolution has used digital technologies as a method of bypassing authoritarian surveillance and tough punishment regimes for freedom of expression and disobedience. We will use the metaverse as a mechanism to design an exhibition that will be placed virtually in Iran at key landmarks. These exhibitions can only be seen by specific APPs but invisible to the naked eye, this event will show images of residents taking the pictures through the APPs and sending them over for the exhibition.

Cook for Iran.
Looking at the connections between food and protests and how they can support political movements we support the organisation Cook for Iran initiated by Layla Yariani, using the country’s rich culinary tradition to highlight the fight for human rights. Working with academics at UCL, the students have designed an event asking participants to host an Iranian dinner at their own home and to share the stories at the College, recipes and smells on a long sofreh that becomes a tapestry on food, protest and social movements.​​​​​​​

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